Any building needs repair and restoration both outside and inside after a lapse of time. Our company offers services on qualitative professional restoration and repair of your houses at reasonable prices. Range of our services related to buildings restoration and repair is quite wide, and according to a customer’s wish we can carry out partial or complex restoration of the building.

Buildings restoration procedure is rather delicate as in most cases foremen have to work with materials already been in use, and it is necessary to conduct assessment of the whole building or areas requiring restoration right before restoration work. Our specialists will analyze the house condition and diagnose elements need to be reinforced, removed or refined with surface coating.

When restoring buildings we offer our clients building materials approved themselves in restoration operations. Siding and barn board is among them. Battening down is very popular kind of houses facing today. Barn board is profit-proved, efficient in operation, freshens up and modernizes the building. When it necessary our company’s specialists accomplish floor replacement, battening down walls, repairing ceilings.

On the customer’s wish we will fashion the adjacent to the house area a noble look, Carry our fencing or restore the existing fence. Distorted or seized gates are not a problem for us, for metal work we have highly proficient welders who carry out any filigree welding operations.

Actually, addressing to us for services on your house restoration and repair you address to the universal building company. It does not matter which material your house is made of – wooden, bricked, faced with marble or stone. We will prettify and refresh your house, and it will get a new life for all in all.

Moreover, we purchase building materials for restoration and repair work from our regular, approved by time suppliers only, and this ensures high quality material at reasonable price for our customers.

Turn to us for services on restoring and repairing buildings, we will carry out the work professionally, fast, qualitatively, and taking into consideration all specific features of the building. We will make your favorite old house fresh, elegant, and nice keeping for a long time.