Timber sets in houses with log structure or made of rounded logs are the key members of bearing structure.
Nearness of timber sets to the land and moisture consequently, and dispiteous time affects sole timber and damages it. Wood remaining in changeable environment undergoes rotting, and the supporting framework collapses; in future this causes such problems as sag of the house and its walls, obliquities of doors and windows embrasures, and floor instability.
The above problems may be prevented if works on timber sets replacement are carried out. Our specialists have significant engineering and building experience in this field. Replacing timber sets and foundation legs, repairing foundation under the house – this is incomplete list of building services offered by us.

We will appraise the condition of the building’s load-bearing elements competently and professionally, and provide recommendations on the best appropriate method of replacing timber sets. Activities on timber sets replacement are carried out based on the analysis of their current condition, structural and specific features of the house.

Cosmetic method is rather simple and cheap but it does not work well from the point of effectiveness. This method includes works on sawing up detected rotted pieces of timber sets and replacing them with new ones.

In this case when there is a concrete plinth, the house is lifted on jacks, then timber sets are replaced and the house is moved down safely.

Brick facing of the plinth is demounted down to 30 cm, then the house is put up on temporary stanchions, the timber sets are replaced, the house is descended, and the demounted plinth is reconstructed.

When operated at timber sets replacement the quantity and elevating capacity of jacks is specified depending on construction specifics of the house.

When addressed to our specialists you will get professional advisory services and operations related to replacing timber sets of your house. Moreover, being rendered professional construction services you will get the result and quality which you expect.

During works on timber sets replacement you and your family do not have to leave your house – a small but nice point.