Is there a necessity in replacing or repairing foundation of your building?

Then you are on a right way. Our building company has all necessary facilities for carrying out foundation replacement and repair work of any difficulty. We complete repair and replacement work on various foundation kinds, be it post footing, wall footing, girder or slab foundation.

Reasons for foundation repair can occur both in the case of initial careless approach to its construction and as a result of the house owner’s intent to save money on foundation erection, in this context self-taught “specialists” having no idea on soil characteristics, site hydrogeology, those who do not use engineer evaluation were hired for construction. Also, need in foundation reconstruction emerges due to the building heightening.

Signs of wrecking foundation are often seen by sight outwardly, the house can settle or crazing appears on plinth and walls. In such a case only experienced professionals can analyze true condition of the foundation.

Foundation repair and substitution work is specific and complex as it includes the house raise which is not typical for many other construction operations. So, before the foundation repair or substitution work begins, it is necessary to carry out assessment taking into consideration various aspects – the foundation’s current condition, level depth, and other indicators.

After assessment of the foundation, depending on its current condition, our specialists will accomplish work on underpinning or replacement parts of foundation, build it up if necessary, increase its bearing capability, and completely replace foundation of a wooden house.

You can submit a request for repair and replacing foundation at this site on ‘Submit a request’ page; enter your contact information in appropriate fields (tel., e-mail), also describe in short your matter, and send to us. Our manager will contact you within the shortest period.

Trust to professionals only, we guarantee accomplishing works within the shortest possible time, quality and reliability. Live steady, we always help you with this.