Most often the house lift is necessary for moving it to another place in the cases of repairing an old foundation or moving the house to a new area. Nowadays, repair of various outbuildings and their foundations is rather relevant. In this case many a man listens to different suggestions such as “It’s better to demolish a building and construct a new one. Much cheaper”. Well, better or worse – it remains to be seen, but indeed it is not cheaper.

Raising and moving buildings has been practiced as far back as last century. The most known fact is moving a house in Tverskaya St. in Moscow. Preparatory activities carried out for about 4 months, the house was moved at night, and the most amazing fact is that people stayed inside, and even all communications in the house remained working without any failure.

Raising and moving building is a highly complicated procedure. Even today not all construction and specialized companies can afford this work, as special facilities and lifting jack only is not enough for lifting and moving a building but a solid experience in this field required as well. That’s exactly why our specialists are always ready to provide services on moving buildings. Gathered experience allows our specialists taking into consideration all nuances during these works. Most of people in many cases neglect skilled specialists’ services, but after all they address to us anyway.

It is the result of the fact that squads having no idea on techniques and nuances of moving houses seriously harm the building structure; there are some known cases when inexperienced building companies tried to move buildings using lift cranes or overrolling on pipes, which is flatly extreme.

We don’t recommend you to raise and move the house yourselves, without special equipment and appropriate experience. That’s why, if you took serious decision on house moving, our company helps you within the shortest time. We have great experience in this field, and special facilities allowing accomplishing this work faster and more qualitative.

It is obvious, that after turning to the skilled specialists you will see your house on a new place unimpaired, without any obliquities in windows and doors embrasures or creaky deformed floor. Otherwise, for sure, you will have the above problems, plus additional expenses. Do you want this? Of course, no. Let the experience and professionalism move your building – this will be your wise decision saving your time, money, and nerves.