If suspicious, even small crazing on a house plinth or walls is detected, then it is time to think about how fail-safe the foundation of your house is, and whether there is a need in taking measures on its repair or replacement. As the foundation is hidden, it is rather difficult to define exactly on your own how heavily the foundation under your house collapses. This could do experienced specialists of our company. For giving an accurate assessment of foundation’s current condition we have a special service – consultation on foundations.

We should note that consultation on foundation is a chargeable service but do not save on it as your assurance of the house stability is worth it. And in the case of order for repairing or replacing foundation, the work will be carried out with the exception of expenses for consultation service.

After ordering consultation on foundation service our specialists will come to the object site for examination. They will carry out necessary research and define reasons influencing on foundation and resulting to the collapse. Then summarize and give out a professional experts’ report on condition of your house foundation, and also competent recommendations on the best work method with respect to a need in replacing the whole foundation or just repair and shoring of the foundation or its parts.

Besides, when providing consultations, in cases when it is required, our specialists will estimate cost of work taking into consideration related factors such as foundation condition, its depth, complexity of the house upheave, cost of construction materials and other factors influencing on pricing.