This project is a result of numerous calls to our specialists who are simply unable to answer everyone, especially taking into account the fact that questions are mostly similar or repeated. On this website we try to answer all your questions, and also introduce services offered by our company.

When addressing to us you can not only get professional consultation services but order highly specialized services requiring continual control during carrying out on any work stage.

Our main complex of services includes:

Moving buildings –lifting, relocation of the building to the required area; and also a full complex of services on foundation renewal and repair. The work is accomplished within the shortest period of time due to the up-to-date universal equipment. Our specialists will help you in specifying all necessary materials and class of work, prepare cost estimates, and you can get advising assistance as well.

Repairing and replacing foundation – if you are concerned about your basement condition, our specialists will specify the required amount of work on repair and shoring of your foundation. Usually, we are addressed for the following reasons:

– stilts and pylons lurch;
– concrete plinth wall raveling;
– crack initiation on different parts of the plinth;
– a single crack initiation on the plinth;
– and other various foundation “diseases”.

Replacing timber sets – timber sets play rather important role in the whole building structure, that’s why it is necessary to maintain their condition. The replacement is implemented with several methods. These methods are chosen by a customer, and also can be advised by our specialists.

Constructing foundation – our specialists consider all nuances during construction. At present there are many sources where you can get information about foundation. However, some foundation stands for centuries, but another will have problems as early as a couple of years. Therefore, we offer you not to wreck your nerves and plough the air but let professionals do this work.

Repairing and restoring buildings – here we include such services as replacement of floor battens, floor, chevron brace, framing; floor heating, battening down, side, fencing, etc.